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Storage Unit Cleanout

Let us help clear out and organize your excess clutter!
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A storage unit is a perfect space for storing items you don’t have an immediate need for. They’re also convenient for quickly moving objects out of your home! However, what happens when this room becomes a holding place for all your junk? Clearing out these objects may seem like a daunting task, but we have a solution to create a stress-free cleaning process.

With JunkStart Junk Removal on your team, you’ll never have to scour the internet for companies that clean out storage units! When you’re ready to rid your space of clutter, you can count on our professionals to lend a helping hand. We have the drive and the tools you need to perform an excellent storage unit cleanout.

Benefits Of Cleaning Out Storage Units

When it comes to your storage unit, cleaning doesn’t only mean removing everything from the space. It also means organizing the room! As time passes, you may no longer have a need for some of the items being held. Cleaning your storage unit has many advantages, some of which are:

  • It prevents dust from building up.
  • Cleaning reduces the risk of termites and other insects.
  • It provides easy access to needed items.
  • You’ll know where important objects are.
  • There’s more space to move around.

Your storage space is a home away from home for many of your belongings. A professional cleanout will make it easier for you to locate items when you need them most. When you schedule a service with us, you can kiss all your unwanted junk goodbye!

How To Clean Out A Storage Unit

A storage unit cleanout isn’t always a job that needs to be handled by the pros. For rooms with a light amount of junk, we’re here to help you navigate the process. If you want to maximize your space or leave it altogether, a clearout will make the process much easier!

Take It One Section At A Time

Your storage unit has a limited amount of space. The small surface can make it challenging to feel like you’re making progress while cleaning. It’s essential to keep a positive mindset and clear one section at a time. In some cases, you can utilize the area outside your unit while moving items around.

Organize Items Into Piles

Organization is the key to a successful storage cleanout. While sorting through your items, you should place each into three piles. Things you want to keep, stuff to donate and junk that needs to be hauled away.

This method will set aside an area for objects you’ve already covered, separating them from the ones you need to go through. It will also provide a visual understanding of what is leaving your space after the cleaning is finished.

Label And Repack Objects You Want To Keep

After categorizing your items, you can organize the ones you want to keep by repacking them into boxes or plastic containers. These boxes can remain in your unit or be moved to your home if you’re no longer using the space. Labeling these items will make it easier for you to find them in the future.

Use A Junk Removal Service To Take Away Unwanted Items

For units with a hefty amount of junk, a professional removal service can be a beneficial option! A few extra helping hands will save you time and physical labor. Our team experts are prepared to provide a hassle-free experience and a reliable solution for all your junk removal needs.

Storage Unit Cleanout Services That You Can Count On

When you have junk, we’ll load it in our trunk! JunkStart is ready to expedite your cleaning process, even with your San Antonio storage units. We’re dedicated to providing thorough and reliable clutter removal services that bring you peace of mind. When you’re ready to make a JunkStart, contact us today to schedule your next service!

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