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Hoarding Cleanup

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Hoarding Cleanup

A tipping point exists where our possessions outnumber us, outweigh us and begin to overpower us. Piles of belongings, clothing, furniture and other items seem to multiply overnight, crowding out the windows and climbing the walls. The back door becomes blocked, rooms are filled to capacity and the only way out the door is by climbing. This could be a hoarding situation.

While it may be easy enough for many of us to take one glance and judge the whole house to be filled with junk, the homeowner may see it differently. Our professional team is here for our customers struggling with too much clutter in their space. Read on to learn about the difference between clutter and compulsive hoarding and how our team can help.

house full of junk that is falling off of shelves in need of junk removal services

When Clutter Becomes A Hoarding Issue

Hoarding is a disorder that affects less than 6% of the population. More often than not, when looking at a cluttered space, the issue is cluttering, not hoarding. If you suspect a loved one is suffering from a hoarding compulsion, seek professional help for their mental health right away and avoid surprising them by throwing their possessions away. Only once they’re in a more stable frame of mind can you offer to help a hoarder in decluttering their space.

Remember: hoarder clean-up services are often the last step of a hoarding intervention, not the first.

As we’ve said, not all cluttered spaces are indicative of a mental health issue. Many individuals get caught up in storing, collecting or holding onto more things than they need. That’s where JunkStart comes in.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Here on our team, we hold ourselves to a high standard of respect and professionalism when providing junk removal. We understand that a person’s possessions matter to them and that every cleanup project is unique. When we’re called in to help with a hoarder cleanup, we’ll treat your space with courtesy and work hard to give you the results you deserve.

JunkStart is here to work hard for you to clear out your space. While we aren’t equipped to sift through each individual item with you, we are here to load up your unwanted belongings and haul them away quickly and safely. Once your items are sorted and you’re ready for them to be loaded and removed from your space, give us a call!

Make The Right Call – Call JunkStart

Many cluttered homes and buildings are labeled as “hoarder dens.” We’re here to remind our customers that not every junky space needs a hoarding cleanup. More often than not, hoarder cleaning services aren’t even necessary. Once your belongings have been sorted, we’re there to load them up and haul them away.

Don’t risk injury trying to move bulky furniture like couches and mattresses. Keep yourself safe and avoid having to lug everything across town. With our services, you’ll enjoy your cleaned-out space sooner than you thought possible!

Get a Fresh Start With JunkStart!

We’re here for our customers throughout San Antonio. From residential home cleanouts and apartments to condos and duplexes. No matter what state your home is in, we’re here to help you jump start the process. Reach out to our team with any questions you have about our services.

Our team is also available for junk removal in other areas, such as offices, commercial buildings and storage units. Get a fresh start – with JunkStart. Contact us to get started today!

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